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Happiness for all mankind, Wild Greewin
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Shenzhen Huaide Technology Development Co., Ltd. is guided by the development, production and sales of the "Greewin" brand chlorine dioxide air disinfection machine based on the business development concept of "being good for the world, life and health, green development, and harmonious and win-win". , Pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, pursue perfect quality, and jointly create a corporate culture of "Huaide people in the world, with virtue and the world", cooperate with well-known domestic research institutions and universities in production, education and research, and concentrate on technical research on chlorine dioxide dynamic space disinfection , And have mastered the new generation of chlorine dioxide production process and the intelligent control technology of chlorine dioxide dynamic air disinfection, and perform 360-degree no dead angle purification and disinfection treatment on the space and object surface, which fully meets the technical requirements of hygiene terminal disinfection . Effectively control the spread and infection of various influenza and infectious diseases, and prevent the occurrence of various chronic diseases caused by breathing. A scientific and comprehensive solution was found for disease prevention and life safety. This technology for disinfecting and sterilizing spaces in a dynamic environment to remove harmful gases and odors has been certified for the first time in China. This has also won a broader development space for the future space disinfection market, and it will surely arouse strong repercussions in society and the disinfection industry and form market demand. Huaide Technology will call this kind of demand "Hua", further conform to the requirements of the times, and continue to innovate; take clean air, comfortable environment, beautiful life, human health, harmony and win-win as its "virtue", and have knowledge with the world The people together open up a bright future in the field of air disinfection.

Open "Greewin", the net is good air!


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