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A world-class leader in space sterilization

Space disinfection is the core demand of Greewin differentiated by other brands. Greewin occupies the commanding heights of space disinfection and has become the leading brand of indoor disinfection. With technology as the core, build a global brand and enhance Greewin's authority and brand. Status and technological height are the guarantee of confidence to the enterprise and partners.


Four core demands
  • Effectively kill viruses such as influenza A and avian influenza
  • 360-degree molecular space disinfection
  • Natural enemies of formaldehyde and TVOC gas
  • Build a low-cost sanitation and epidemic prevention system


360-degree molecular space disinfection

Greewin 360-degree molecular disinfection technology
Freed Chlorine dioxide pure molecule
Acting on Indoor spaces and object surfaces, even gaps invisible to the naked eye
Way Active pursuit and decomposition
Kill Harmful microorganisms and harmful gases such as influenza virus and formaldehyde
Effect Green and environmentally friendly products with no virus, no residue and no secondary pollution

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