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The future of Greewin is a grand plan that is unfolding

  "To be the best space disinfector" is the dream of Huaide people. Corporate social responsibility, technological innovation and the development of China's air disinfection industry are Huaide's long-term strategies.

  We will continue to deepen the close cooperation with the air disinfection industry, promote the research and development and innovation of local technology, continue to promote the sustainable development of economy, society and the environment, and grow together with the healthy future of mankind.

  360 degree pure molecular state Greewin chlorine dioxide air space disinfection machine. It can be widely used in: hospitals, schools, exhibitions (venues), conference rooms, stations, airports, docks, hotels and other crowded public places and family rooms. It is a must for home, work and life. The disinfection and purification industry that maintains human health is a sunrise industry in the current era. According to incomplete statistics, it currently has a market share of more than 100 billion yuan and has a huge potential for development.

  Good air, Huaide makes! Good projects, Huaide finds!

  "Suck" into the fresh air

  "Cit" leads the trend of health

  "People" Gather the Source of Wealth

Greewin product investment and joining conditions

  1. Joining conditions:

  1. Have certain financial strength and good social relations;

  2. Have a sufficient understanding of the target market, have a clear market development idea for air disinfection products, and have the confidence and ability to complete the regional tasks set by the company;

  3. Actively cooperate with the manufacturer's various management systems;

  4. Have the qualifications of an independent legal person, and be able to provide copies of relevant documents such as the original business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, etc.;

  5. Have a professional sales team, good business scale, office conditions and equipment, a fixed place of business, good credit and business reputation;

  Willing to concentrate on operating the company's "air disinfection machine" products, and have confidence in the products and the market;

  No2、Joining process:



Preferential policy support

  1、For qualified agents, after acting in accordance with the company's formal procedures, we can grant exclusive agency qualifications to ensure their local economic interests, and exclusive agents can also develop lower-level distributors.

  2、During the cooperation process, we will give guidance throughout the whole process to ensure that the dealers can sell and make money smoothly! We have formulated a detailed marketing plan and a scientific management system. We will provide a detailed marketing plan and a scientific management system for each sales link of the dealer. Both provide detailed guidance and follow-up services. We have excellent products and mature market operation models, and rich management experience. As long as the agents can actively cooperate with our work, we will definitely make our partners earn a lot of money!

   Huaide Science and Technology, the world of virtue and wisdom, sincerely invites you to join us, welcome to inquire.

Company Website: http://www.greewin.net

Merchants Tel: 0755-27345118  0755-27345012


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