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With the increasing scale of urbanization, the atmospheric environment With the gradual deterioration of epidemic diseases, various epidemic diseases frequently endanger human life and health. The entire mankind is eager to have a facility that can block and eliminate the airborne transmission of viruses such as influenza A, and reduce the scope of transmission to facilitate control such as influenza A. Wait for the spread of the epidemic. At present, most popular air purifiers are ozone and ultraviolet rays. Because the design method is to disinfect the filtered air in the inhaler, and the air in the inhaler cannot be completely disinfected, so only 1% of the disinfection space can be used The following circulating air achieves filter disinfection, and almost fails to meet the sanitary terminal disinfection standards.

Huaide Technology insists on independent research and development as the main body and integration Scientific research institutes, universities and colleges have gathered the strengths of all families to serve the development of Huaide science and technology. It has established cooperative relations with Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and other units successively. Huaide Technology has a research and development team composed of doctors and masters. It has been committed to the research and exploration of chlorine dioxide deodorization, sterilization and disinfection. After years of unremitting efforts and hard work, it finally developed the Greewin series of products (Greewin brand Pure molecular space disinfection machine series and its special Greewin brand ClO2 disinfectant). This disinfection machine not only has the basic function of a chlorine dioxide generator, but also has the function of separating and purifying chlorine dioxide. It is a new type of machine that integrates the generation and purification of chlorine dioxide.

The Greewin Greewin disinfection machine developed by Huaide Technology The World Health Organization (WHO) has long recognized chlorine dioxide as a medium. It completely overcomes many technical obstacles, cumbersome, wasteful, and incomplete technical difficulties, solves the current technical bottlenecks, and makes chlorine dioxide excellent for sterilization and disinfection. The effect is fully realized. It has the characteristics of intelligence, efficiency, speed, simplicity, thoroughness, environmental protection, safety, non-toxicity, and low cost, and finally fully meets the disinfection standards and effects required by hygiene.


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