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Happiness for all mankind, Wild Greewin
He Guanghuai Poems
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He Guanghuai Poetry Collection


Songtongjiang rescue

Black clouds are rolling over the city,

Suddenly the pouring rain curtain was horizontal.

Hong Lang crossed the river over the sky,

The house collapsed and the house collapsed.

The disaster has happened in a hundred years,

Rescue and rescue are united.

The opening of the mud shovel stone road,

Develop a new city with one heart and one heart.



Ode to Henan's Flood Fighting and Rescue


Rain leaked in Henan days,

The flooded subway wave room.

The turbulence smashed the city and the roads were cut off,

The Zhengzhou plain has become a vast ocean.

The military song sounded a little steady,

The officers and soldiers held Wu Gouyang.

But he rushed through the mess,

Everyone is busy in orderly rescue.






Yang Jiahe  

A stream of shrub cliffs on both sides,

There are hundreds of thousands of returns to three or five companies.

Flying egrets in the desert paddy fields,

Hidden small buildings surrounded by fences.

Riding a cow and shepherd boy Piccolo,

Looking back and referring to wild flowers.

Chasing butterflies to Yuanba,

The old man stopped laughing and had no teeth.






Looking at dawn on the hair paper,

Hand drawn knitting and knitting hands akimbo.

It was revealed that the thread was only worn on the skin,

Dare to throw it in the blink of an eye.

Raise his head and smile Bai Meisheng,

Three thousand beauties disappeared.

The lifelike fairy comes,

The clever craftsman looked back and began to speak up.









Chlorine dioxide air disinfection machine

Green Mighty and Merry

Long Xiang and Feng Zhu are difficult to receive.

Fangcang first aid 3,000 passengers,

Button poison to eliminate 14 states.

Responding to the drum fight against the epidemic,

Dare to control the earth and move the sea, mountains and autumn.

I am willing to be Optimus Prime for health,

Intelligently liberate people's worries.



Maohua Tianbao Wine


Maohua tackled the difficulties in one fell swoop,

Swiftly before carrying the pot all his life.

Nine turns of fermentation and long distillation,

Wugeng Yuye gradually enters the garden.

Du Kang has always relied on his stunts,

Pure and sweet after drinking.

Looking at the Wine Shop on the Red Cloud Cliff,

The smell is mellow and fragrant.




(Bashu Literature)

He Guanghuai


Bashu literature does not hurt,

The national quintessence of the diligent farming platform.

The juvenile belly expresses fragrance,

The old man has a long rhythm.

Selected to be edited and flattened,

The inner abundance soul comes with its own fragrance.

I'm not drunk and foolish,

Passion is the only way to flourish in poetry.



Praise calligrapher

Mr. Du Xuerui


With a splash of ink, the dragon chants the phoenix,

Retract freely and horizontally blow the flute.

Golden hook and silver painting Fang Tianji,

I want to poke the rice paper leaf lancet.

Bashuyi foreign word tow water

Introduce the old and bring forth the new to lead the way.

There are geniuses from generation to generation,

However, they know everything based on the true chapter.



Zan Greewin


Chlorine dioxide disinfectant pills


I hope there is no disease in the world,

Why does it keep making pills.

Prevention is to cure the disease.

Inactivation control is difficult.

Administer the health supervision system,

The voucher is reported frequently.

Kill the sound of pathogenic bacteria,

Disinfection is worthy of Tongji common people.




Fresh tea


Fresh tea on the banks of Lushui River,

The late resignation came to reciting poems.

Buxus in the pot wants to gradually,

Hundreds of songs have no boundaries.

Let’s talk and laugh, sit down and sit down,

Ups and downs of gold bottles and jade buds.

You will have to drink three hundred cups,

The new products are cooked to the slanting day.




The first branch of Longnan Spring Fruit,

Tianshui Yunong Red Cherry.

The green tree contains leaf pearls,

The express rushed to laugh.

But it’s cherries with agate,

The fragrant tooth and grain is a delicacy.

Diligent farming and wealthy family have seeds,

Be thoroughly familiar with the tribute and taste into the DPRK.



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