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Greewin air disinfection machine uses chlorine dioxide as the medium of disinfection and sterilization, and through the functional action of the machine, the chlorine dioxide flows into the space to be disinfected in the form of pure molecular form, which is harmful to various bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and pathogens in the space. , Infectious bacteria, indoor formaldehyde, TVOC gas and other harmful gases are killed and removed, with an efficiency of 99.9%.

  1、 Product Advantages:

  CLO₂ is the only a1 grade disinfectant recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to the world (even if it is eaten, it is safe, and there is currently no disinfectant better than CLO₂). Greewin air disinfection machine is filled up the historical gap in the application of chlorine dioxide's new disinfection technology in my country will also become a new milestone in the air disinfection method in the world's disinfection field.

  ①、Broad spectrum:"Kill"-can kill all pathogenic microorganisms, and does not produce drug resistance, especially for typhoid fever, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio and HIV has a good killing and inhibitory effect.

  "Prevention"-killing the pathogenic bacteria of Newcastle disease, swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, and rabies, and has a better control effect on the epidemic.

  At the same time, the removal rate of harmful gases and odors in the space is over 99%.

  ②、Efficient:0.1ppm can kill all bacterial propagules and many pathogenic bacteria, 50ppm can completely kill bacterial propagules, hepatitis virus, bacteriophages and bacterial spores. No dead spots, active space killing: CLO₂ floats into the air in the form of pure molecules, and the disinfection is complete and complete, leaving no sanitary dead spots. It can completely disinfect and sterilize 200 cubic meters of space in no more than 30 minutes. The utilization rate of effective ingredients reaches 99%.

  ③、Safe and no residue:No chlorination reaction with organic matter, no tertiary substances (carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic) and other toxic substances.

  ④、No irritation to the human body:When the concentration is lower than 500ppm, its influence can be ignored, and there is no influence on people below 100ppm. (The concentration of CLO₂ released by Huaide’s disinfection machine is 23ppm±10, and there is a slight chlorine odor at the beginning, and you can choose to add or add spices to change it)

  ⑤、One-key smart, simple operation and easy to carry.

  ⑥、Green energy saving and environmental protection: The machine uses low voltage to work and consumes little power.

  2、Greewin air disinfection machine and other air purifier products comparison:

Type of disinfection working principle Disinfection mode Environmental protection Antivirus effect post-maintenance
Greewin (Chlorine Dioxide) Oxidation sterilization Active, no dead space Safety ring at low concentration
Guarantee, no secondary pollution
Rapid and complete eradication simple
Ozone, plasma Oxidation sterilization Active Harmful to the human body Partial elimination simple
Photocatalytic Oxidation sterilization Dynamic conditions Safety and environmental protection Partial elimination complex
Ultraviolet rays Radiation sterilization Static condition Carcinogenic to the human body Partial elimination complex
High voltage static Electrostatic adsorption Static condition Electromagnetic radiation Active adsorption, no germs complex
Bamboo charcoal Physical adsorption Passive, adsorption Safety and environmental protection Passive adsorption, no germs complex
disinfectant Oxidation sterilization Passive, adsorption Corrosive Partial elimination simple

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Greewin air purification and disinfection machine investment call: 0755-27345118

Greewin air purification and disinfection machine official website:www.greewin.net


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