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According to Greenpeace International’s The book concludes that a large number of insurmountable diseases and pathological changes in humans in the past 50 years are related to the large amounts of residual pesticides and toxic hormones consumed by humans. Because a large amount of residual pesticides and toxic hormones directly lead to the advancement of adolescent puberty, human reproductive ability declines sharply; at the same time, humans now ingest large amounts of toxic hormones and pesticides that are difficult to decompose, which are gradually destroying the body’s normal metabolism and blood. The circulatory system causes normal human gene mutations, which leads to the outbreak of various difficult diseases! Statistics show that in the 30 years from 1978 to 2008, the total number of cases of various malignant tumors and leukemias was 23.3 times the total in the past 100 years! The deterioration of the human ecological environment is the biggest crisis for human survival in the next 100 years!
        1. The spread of the epidemic is raging: In 2003, SARS was spread through the air with droplets as the main route; in 2009, the “swine flu” Only in China has it officially risen!
        2. Air pollution: smog enveloped most of China in 2013, causing serious harm to human health! It can increase mortality, aggravate chronic diseases, and worsen respiratory and heart diseases , Change lung function and structure, affect reproductive ability, change the body's immune structure, etc. Haze weather can also increase the activity of infectious bacteria in the air and increase the number of infectious diseases. Due to the reduced sunlight in foggy days, insufficient ultraviolet radiation in children, insufficient vitamin D production in the body, and greatly reduced calcium absorption, it can cause infant rickets and slower growth in children. People talk about haze!
68% of human diseases are related to air pollution. The World Health Organization lists indoor air pollution as the number one carcinogen in 18 categories. Indoor air pollution is 5 times more than outdoor; 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in China!
        3. Automobile environmental pollution: "Investigation on environmental pollution of automobiles" conducted by relevant departments showed that among the 1,175 vehicles tested, only 52 vehicles met the standards for all inspection items , Accounting for 6.18% of the total number of tests
        4. Market overview: At present, most of the products circulating on the market are air purifiers. According to survey data, the penetration rate of air purifiers in the United States has reached 27%, Japan has 17%, Europe has 42%, South Korea has 70%, and China has less than 0.2%. The latest data released by Zhongyikang shows that the domestic air purifier market is growing rapidly. In 2012, the market size exceeded 2.7 billion yuan. This year, the air purifier market is expected to reach 5 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of about 85%. According to a report from the Internet Consumer Research Center, in April 2013, a total of 212 products were sold on the Chinese air purifier market, belonging to 15 brands. The average product price is 2506 yuan, and the proportion of people concerned about 3001-4000 yuan has risen sharply.
The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission reported in May 2013 that the results of sampling of 22 air purifiers on the market showed that the purification efficiency of 21 air purifiers for formaldehyde was less than 80%, and the maximum retail price was 9,300 yuan per unit. Amway air purifier (model 101076CH) has a purification efficiency of 76% for formaldehyde.
        At present, the air disinfection machine on the market is blank. The product of Greewin air purification and disinfection machine will surely be vigorously promoted by government departments at all levels and favored by consumers!

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