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It is urgent to control indoor air pollution, and improving indoor air and eliminating pollution has become an inevitable demand. With the improvement of living standards and increased awareness of environmental protection and health, this demand has become more urgent, which has greatly promoted the development of the indoor environmental protection industry.



  1、According to the forecast of the relevant Japanese authorities, the potential of the global related market will reach 100 billion US dollars in the future. Indoor environmental purification products not only have huge market potential, but also have huge profits, with an average profit margin of 28%.

  2、Relevant data shows that in the next few years, the compound annual growth rate of my country's indoor environmental protection industry will exceed 30%, and the market size is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. China has more than 20,000 hospitals, 300 million families, and more than 200,000 primary education institutions. There are countless office spaces and entertainment venues. This is where the market capacity of air disinfection and purification products lies. If we use 1% of the product usage rate, there will be 3 million machines sold.

  3、At present, there is no air disinfection machine with mature domestic application and sold on the market. That is to say, our Greewin air disinfection machine will be the only product. Even if new manufacturers and products follow up in the future, we will be a few years ahead. Time to become the industry leader. In 2013, the market sales of air purifiers reached 4.9 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 8 billion yuan in 2014. If we use this to analogize the market of disinfection machines, even if we have a 20% market share in 2014, it will reach 1.6 billion yuan! The product prospects are very broad!


  The future of Greewin is a grand plan that is unfolding.

   "To be the best space disinfector" is the dream of Huaide people.

  Corporate social responsibility, technological innovation and the development of China's air disinfection industry are Huaide's long-term strategies.

  We will continue to deepen the close cooperation with the air disinfection industry, promote the research and development and innovation of local technology, continue to promote the sustainable development of economy, society and the environment, and grow together with the healthy future of mankind.

  360 degree pure molecular state Greewin chlorine dioxide air space disinfection machine. It can be widely used in: hospitals, schools, exhibitions (venues), conference rooms, stations, airports, docks, hotels and other crowded public places and family rooms. It is a must for home, work and life. The disinfection and purification industry that maintains human health is a sunrise industry in the current era. According to incomplete statistics, it currently has a market share of more than 100 billion yuan and has a huge potential for development.

  Good air, Huaide makes! Good projects, Huaide finds!

  "Suck" into the fresh air

  "Cit" leads the trend of health

  "People" Gather the Source of Wealth


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